How to lose weight in a month?

exercise to lose weight in a month

It seems that the only way to lose weight quickly in a month is to limit yourself to food and exhaust yourself with exercise. But in fact, all this is not so. Dropping a few pounds for this one is pretty easy.

How to start losing weight?

There is no problem whether it is possible to lose weight in a month. Athletes, actors and models often do it in shorter periods of time. But in order for the process of getting rid of extra pounds to go as comfortably as possible, you need to follow some general rules:

  1. Health check. Sometimes excess weight is a medical problem related to hormonal disorders, damage to the gastrointestinal tract. Or maybe it's because of pregnancy, some women don't realize it until the final stage. Therefore, it is better to first undergo an examination and, if necessary, be treated.
  2. Don't rush. Too sudden a transition to serious loads and restrictions leads to stress. The body produces cortisol, which slows down weight loss.
  3. Do not experiment with supplements. A beautiful advertisement tells how to lose 100+ kilograms in a month. But in most cases, self-administration of the best miracle drug will have zero results. And there are worse outcomes.

All you need to lose weight without disease is to spend more calories than you eat. To do this, it is enough to adjust the power and force yourself to move at least a little.

How to lose weight with food?

The first and most important condition is not to starve. To put it simply, when the body doesn't have enough food, it goes into energy saving mode. First, the metabolism slows down to reduce energy expenditure. Because of this, effective weight loss slows down, and in a month it can no longer achieve the maximum result. With prolonged fasting and minimal physical effort, the body begins to get rid of all "extras" and, first of all, muscles. So you can't get such a beautiful figure.

To really lose weight in a month, it is better to do the opposite. It is necessary to provide the body with all the nutrients, and the stomach to work, but limit the number of calories. For this you need:

  1. Drink enough water. We must get used to always carrying water and drinking at the first sign of thirst. This will help maintain water balance and at the same time reduce hunger. And it is better to give up alcohol for at least a month.
  2. Avoid sweet and starchy foods. Cake, bread, cakes are prohibited. On the contrary, it is better to please yourself with honey, fruits, nuts and dark chocolate, but in small quantities.
  3. Eat protein foods. Low-fat fish (pollock, cod, whiting), lean meat (beef, rabbit, turkey) are necessary for normal life. Vegetarians should eat a variety of legumes instead.
  4. Add dairy products to your diet. Weight loss starts in the gut. Cottage cheese, kefir, natural unsweetened yogurt, fermented baked milk and matsoni are the best helpers of this body.
  5. Learn to cook. Starting with Pevsner, all nutritionists recommend rejecting pickled, fried and smoked fatty foods or eating them minimally. Instead, it is better to steam, boil and bake. It is also better to limit the amount of spices to a minimum.

Adhering to these rules is not difficult and delicious. You do not need to immediately limit yourself in everything, it is enough to change the diet gradually over several weeks. But in the end, you can only lose a few kilograms with the help of food, and then tell everyone how you managed to lose weight in a month without a diet.

How to spend calories correctly?

At the level of physical activity, the most important thing is not to rush. Let's say someone doesn't do sports at all. The body is used to sitting at work at the computer for days or lying on the couch with a smartphone. Muscles tense only when it is necessary to take out the trash or bring purchases into the house. Even a simple warm-up in this case will be a serious test and can result in joint pain, dizziness and many unpleasant experiences. And you don't want to repeat it.

Instead, it is better to focus on your own training level and gradually increase the load. For starters, to lose weight in a month, just walk. Ideally, walk for at least an hour a day in the forest area and breathe fresh air.

In the morning it is worth remembering about simple exercises. Warming up the limbs will help you feel more active and energetic. When the body in week two is used to moving not only from the sofa to the chair, then you can increase the load.

When choosing the next program, you need to focus on various variations of the cardio load. According to studies, in 3 weeks they will help you lose up to 10% of all fat and tighten your body. If possible, the most effective option is to contact a fitness club to get a trainer to help create an individualized training regimen. But you can start doing it yourself. This will help:

  • jogging;
  • jump;
  • squatting;
  • push-ups;
  • press;
  • jump rope;
  • dumbbells.

If the goal is to lose a few pounds, then this is enough. For more specific goals and work on individual areas of the body, it is better to use special training programs.

How to save the result?

There are many difficult ways to lose weight in a month. They will give better results than the methods described. But all these methods have some serious drawbacks:

  1. The effect is short-lived. When a person finishes a strict diet and returns to his usual way of life, the kilograms will return.
  2. Detrimental to health. A strict diet and increased physical activity is the easiest way to go to the doctor if the body is not ready for this.
  3. Pressure. It is physically and psychologically difficult to change your lifestyle quickly and drastically. Due to this, a person becomes irritable, faces worse problems at work and is unhappy.

Therefore, it is better not to rush and not to burden yourself. If you lose weight while continuing to eat delicious healthy food and enjoy physical activity, then the results will only improve over time.